Title: The Role of President, Author: Cathleen Small
Title: Does the U.S. Two-Party System Still Work, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Jobs, Author: Joanna Brundle
Title: Should Junk Food Be Sold in Schools?, Author: Norah Piehl
Title: Grassland Food Webs, Author: William Anthony
Title: The Science of Basketball, Author: William Anthony
Title: The Rise of the Soviet Union, Author: Thomas Streissguth
Title: Are Video Games Too Violent?, Author: Nick Christopher
Title: Religion and Education, Author: Tom Head
Title: Lin-Manuel Miranda: Making a Difference as a Writer, Author: Katie Kawa
Title: Is There a New Cold War, Author: Stefan Kiesbye
Title: The Science of Track and Field, Author: Emilie Dufresne
Title: Russia, Author: Harriet Brundle
Title: Hot and Cold, Author: Steffi Cavell-Clarke
Title: The Gun Control Debate: From Classrooms to Congress, Author: Lianna Tatman
Title: Elon Musk: Making a Difference Through Technology, Author: Katie Kawa
Title: The Science of Ice Hockey, Author: Emilie Dufresne
Title: Federal Budget Deficit, Author: Susan C. Hunnicutt
Title: Health Care : Opposing Viewpoints, Author: Greenhaven Publishing Staff
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Title: The Science of Swimming, Author: Emilie Dufresne

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