Title: Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems, Author: Phyllis Cole-Dai
Title: Grace Notes, Author: Lisa López Smith
Title: Lucky Enough: A Journey, Author: Nancy Kerrigan
Title: Forgotten Women: A Tribute in Poetry, Author: Ginny Lowe Connors
Title: The Goldfish Window, Author: Lisa Beech Hartz
Title: Waking Up to the Earth: Connecticut Poets in a Time of Global Climate Crisis, Author: Margaret Gibson
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Title: Connecticut River Review, 2021, Author: Ginny Lowe Connors
Title: Connecticut River Review: 2019, Author: Ginny Lowe Connors
Title: Everything Turns Into Something Else: poems, Author: Jeanne Wagner
Title: Connecticut River Review: 2018, Author: Ginny Lowe Connors
Title: A Place Inside: poems, Author: Judith Adams
Title: Thief: poems, Author: Jennifer Stewart Miller
Title: Heart on a String: poems, Author: Tom Boswell
Title: Blackbird: poems, Author: Laura Grace Weldon
Title: Being Many Seeds: poems, Author: Marilyn McCabe
Title: My Inner Eye: Reflections Seen Through a Veil of Time, Author: Michael F Lepore
Title: My Mother's Medicine: poems, Author: Maxine Susman
Title: In a Rich Country: poems, Author: Edward Wilson
Title: Laureates of Connecticut: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Author: Ginny Lowe Connors
Title: Daughter: poems, Author: Cortney Davis

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