Title: If Women Rose Rooted: A Life-changing Journey to Authenticity and Belonging, Author: Sharon Blackie
Title: The Person and the Situation: Perspectives of Social Psychology / Edition 2, Author: Lee Ross
Title: From the Heads of the Hollers, Author: Shelby Lee Adams
Title: Magical Folk: A History of Real Fairies , 500AD to the Present, Author: Simon Young
Title: Blowing up Russia The Secret KGB Plot that Delivered Russia to Putin, Author: Yuri Felshtinsky
Title: The Wheel: A Witch's Path Back to the Ancient Self, Author: Jennifer Lane
Title: Do Walk: Navigate earth, mind and body. Step by step., Author: Libby DeLana
Title: Measurements: A Proportional Cocktail Guide, Author: Nick Barclay
Title: The Uninvited, Author: Dorothy Macardle
Title: Path: A short story about reciprocity, Author: Louisa Thomsen Brits
Title: The Book of Veles, Author: Jonas Bendiksen
Title: Foxfire, Wolfskin and other stories of shapeshifting women, Author: Sharon Blackie
Title: These Our Monsters: The English Heritage Collection of New Stories Inspired by Myth & Legend, Author: Paul Kingsnorth
Title: Nurturing New Families: A Guide to Supporting Parents and Their Newborn Babies, Author: Naomi Kemeny
Title: Do Improvise: Less push. More pause. Better results. A new approach to work (and life)., Author: Robert Poynton
Title: Manhood: The Bare Reality, Author: Laura Dodsworth
Title: Conscious Inclusion: How to 'do' EDI, one decision at a time, Author: Catherine Garrod
Title: The Witch's Survival Guide: Spells for Healing from Stress and Burnout, Author: Jennifer Lane
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Title: Ghislaine Maxwell: Decline and Fall of Manhattan's Most Famous Socialite, Author: Nigel Cawthorne
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Title: Top of Heart: How a new approach to business saved my life, and could save yours too, Author: Grant Muller

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