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Title: Seduced by Daddy, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: Large Print New Testament, 14-Point Text, Black Cover, KJV, Author: Genesis Press
Title: Too Late for Regrets, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: While My Sister Sleeps, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: Educating Katie, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: Keeping the Peace, Author: Genesis Tate
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Title: Cecilia and the Bumblebees in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Author: EM.EM. Genesis
Title: Sex Ed, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: Love, Lies, and Consequences, Author: Blake Karrington
Title: The Building of the Ark Encounter, Author: Answers in Genesis
Title: Journey Through the Ark Encounter, Author: Answers in Genesis
Title: Busted Cherries (a collection), Author: Genesis Tate
Title: Setting Up Lexi, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: P is for PIRATE: Inspirational ABC's for Educators, Author: Dave Burgess
Title: Large Print Edition Puzzle Book Bible Cryptogram: Bible Cryptograms, Cryptogram Puzzle Book With Bible Verses, Large Print Christian Cryptograms, Author: Cryptogram Genesis
Title: Falling For A Billionaire (The Reluctant Brides, #1), Author: Destiny Genesis Hope
Title: The Death of Religion (The Dor Series, #1), Author: Genesis Joyner
Title: Forced Entry, Author: Genesis Tate
Title: Royal Prayer Journal, Author: Genesis Dorsey
Title: Large Print New Testament with Psalms, Author: Genesis Press

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