Title: The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy. 4th Edition, Author: Val D. Greenwood
Title: History for Genealogists, Using Chronological TIme Lines to Find and Understand Your Ancestors. Revised Edition, with 2016 Addendum Incorporating Editorial Corrections to the 2009 Edition, by Denise Larson, Author: Judy Jacobson
Title: Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania, Author: Wayland F. Dunaway
Title: A List Of The Early Settlers Of Georgia, Author: Coulter
Title: Polish Roots. Second Edition, Author: Rosemary a. Chorzempa
Title: Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5. Fourth Edition. Volume One, Families A-F, Part B, Author: John Frederick Dorman
Title: History And Genealogy Of The Mayflower Planters, Author: Hills
Title: Sketches Of Western North Carolina Illustrating Principally The Revolutionary Period Of Mecklenburg, Rowan, Lincoln And Adjoining Counties, Author: Hunter
Title: Adventurers Of Purse And Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5. Fourth Edition. Volume Ii, Families G-P, Author: John Frederick Dorman
Title: German-English Genealogical Dictionary, Author: Ernest Thode
Title: A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire [New Edition, 1883], Author: Bernard Burke
Title: Directory Of Scots Banished To The American Plantations, 1650-1775. Second Edition, Author: David Dobson
Title: The People of Cork, 1600-1799, Author: David Dobson
Title: Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia, Author: West Virginia Auditor's Office
Title: The Sleuth Book For Genealogists. Strategies For More Successful Family History Research, Author: Emily Anne Croom
Title: A Dictionary Of Scottish Emigrants To The U.S.A., Author: Whyte
Title: Irish Vital Records from the Scots Magazine, 1739-1826, Author: David Dobson
Title: Michigan Genealogy 2nd Edition, Author: Carol Mcginnis
Title: Scottish-American Heirs, 1683-1883, Author: David Dobson
Title: Address Book For Germanic Genealogy. Sixth Edition, Author: Ernest Thode

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