Title: Letter from Chicago, Author: Cathy Kelly
Title: The Builders, Author: Maeve Binchy
Title: No Dress Rehearsal, Author: Marian Keyes
Title: Not Just for Christmas, Author: Roddy Doyle
Title: Mrs. Whippy (Open Door Series), Author: Cecelia Ahern
Title: OMG! LOL!: Faith and Laughter, Author: Thomas C. Willadsen
Title: Fair-Weather Friend, Author: Patricia Scanlan
Title: Mad Weekend, Author: Roddy Doyle
Title: A Girls' Guide to the Islands, Author: Suzanne Kamata
Title: Forever and Ever, Author: David Elliott
Title: The Orchard, Author: Catherine Temma Davidson
Title: The Giant Baby, Author: Laurie Foos
Title: A Full Circle, Author: R. Timothy Rush
Title: Barn Cat, Author: Kyoko Mori
Title: Training Days, Author: May-lee Chai
Title: Post Office on the Tokaido, Author: Greta Gorsuch
Title: Pirates on Dinosaur Island, Author: Mark Edwards
Title: Time with Leo, Author: John Bliss
Title: Key City on the River, Author: Greta Gorsuch
Title: Toast, Author: Laurie Foos

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