Title: Food Safety Crisis in Germany: BSE 2000/2001, Author: Elzbieta Szumanska
Title: Der Gerichtstag des Löwen im mittelalterlichen 'Reinhart Fuchs', Author: Anonym
by Anonym
Title: How India Attracts Foreign Investors, Author: Jennifer Joksch
Title: The impact of globalisation on New Zealand television, Author: Anonymous
Title: Diktatura u knji?evnosti - Milisav Saviæ: 'Hleb i strah', Danilo Ki?: 'Ein Grabmal für Boris Davidoviè' (Grobnica za Borisa Davidovièa), Author: Daniela Portmann-Bogosavac
Title: History and characteristics of US-sitcoms, Author: Irina Wamsler
Title: The depiction of beauty ideals and beauty standards in Robert Iscove's 'She's all that', Author: Dennis Alexander Goebels
Title: Accent in simple and complex words of English, Author: Christian Cronauer
Title: 'Identity Culture' and 'Cultural Identity' in a Postmodern World, Author: Jitendra Jain
Title: The English Reformation: The Religious Reforms of which Monarch, Edward VI or Mary I, had a greater Impact on the Elizabethan Religious Settlement?, Author: Katharina Schumacher
Title: Darstellungsformen und Abbildungsfunktion, Author: Anonym
by Anonym
Title: The depiction of religion and homosexuality in 'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit', Author: Stephanie Schmitz
Title: Relationship between the European Court of Justice and the National Constitutional Courts. The control of legislative competences of the European Union: On the example of the German BVerfG, Author: Jean Knödel
Title: Journalism in Times of War, Author: Anonymous
Title: Basic guideline for a German company to do business with Japanese companies: On the background of possible future joint ventures, Author: Sarah Nagel
Title: 'Supporting Diversity - Strengthening Cohesion' - Multiculturalism in Germany: Strengthening Cohesion? - Multiculturalism in Germany, Author: Manuela Paul
Title: Reactive Integration: Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters: Cooperation or Communitisation?, Author: Daniela Pisoiu
Title: Ethno Marketing targeting - Turkish people in Germany: Turkish people in Germany, Author: Pinar Sözer
Title: An Essay on Companion Animals: Animal and Human Societies, Author: Jens Goldschmidt
Title: Die Entwicklung des Naturschutzes in Schleswig-Holstein anhand der Quellenauswertung der Zeitschrift 'Die Heimat' von 1891 bis 1949, Author: Carsten Sobik

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