Title: Directors' duties in the context of insolvency, Author: Julia Honds
Title: The role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe's economy, Author: Svetlana Shirobakina
Title: Why Europe does not need a constitution, Author: Hans Christian Siller
Title: Le voci filosofiche, Author: Margherita Zelante
Title: Lighter Than Air Concepts: LTA-crafts. An overview, Author: Sascha Hissler
Title: Religion and Politics in John Milton's Samson Agonistes, Author: Andrea Fischer
Title: How American is German Politics?, Author: Stephan Vierkant
Title: Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, Author: Florian Seidl
Title: The Comic in Henry Fielding's 'The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling', Author: Oksana Lesovaja
Title: The new security threats - Cyberterror: An assessment, Author: Tamir Sinai
Title: On the importance of female bonding in Shakespeare's 'All's Well That Ends Well': Empowered by Community, Author: Anja Hempel
Title: Serious Premise vs. Entertainment: Essay 'A Long Way Down', Author: Stephan Jung
Title: An Introduction to the Concept of Error Analysis, Author: Robert Wetzorke
Title: Business informatics: Cross-cultural differences between Germany and Australia, Author: Silke Retzer
Title: The Labour Governments 1945-1951 - What economic and social policies were pursued and how were they put into action?: What economic and social policies were pursued and how were they put into action?, Author: Claire Darquenne
Title: Task Analysis: Using a Roundabout in the U.K., Author: Sebastian A. Wagner
Title: Factors of Success for Webhosting Services, Author: Karl Tschetschonig
Title: Art and Technology: Bridges to a multicultural society, Author: John Eger
Title: Survey on Activities of Swiss Manufacturing Companies in China with special focus on M&A, Author: Juergen Simon
Title: Eugene O'Neill and the fairer sex - Anna Christie and Abbie Putnam: Anna Christie and Abbie Putnam, Author: Nadine Kröschel

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