Title: Freud and the Polymorphous Perverse: Freud's conception of a 'polymorphous perverse' infantile sexuality in the clinical study of `Little Hans'., Author: Harry Taylor
Title: Alice Walker's Short Story 'Everyday Use', Author: Martin Eder
Title: Historic and Ethnic Development of Ethiopia, Author: Simon Stumpf
Title: PENOLOGY - How far does the empirical evidence support the view that 'nothing works' in the punishment of the offenders?, Author: Viola Abelius
Title: 'Rio Bravo' - The antidote to 'High Noon'?: The antidote to 'High Noon'?, Author: Birgit Wilpers
Title: Was Evans-Pritchard a Structural-Functionalist?, Author: Johannes Lenhard
Title: Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Frantz Fanon on the topic of decolonization and the French occupation of Algeria., Author: Sophie Duhnkrack
Title: Zadie Smith: 'White Teeth' - The Families: The Families, Author: Nicole Fürch
Title: Leonardo Sciascia: 'Il giorno della civetta' - Una analisi, Author: Davide Bonmassar
Title: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects, Author: Charlotte Wilkinson
Title: On the history of racial theory and the concept of white supremacy, Author: Swantje Tönnies
Title: John Updike's short story 'A & P' - An Analysis: How can we account for the story's continued appeal?, Author: David Wheeler
Title: Classical vs. Modern theory in cognitive linguistics, Author: Aleksandra Pendarovska
Title: Booker T. Washington and his idea of industrial education at Tuskegee Institute, Author: Bernhard Hagen
Title: Symbolism in Andrew Niccols 'Gattaca', Author: Jakob Maier
Title: Synopsis of Important Facts about Ireland: History and Language, Author: Simone Petry
Title: Escaping Adulthood: How Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's 'The Catcher in the Rye' flees into his imaginary world, Author: Daniela Will
Title: BMW - Overview of Corporate Communication, Corporate Identity, Corporate Image and CSR, Author: Michael Kofler
Title: Bouncing Bubble: A fast algorithm for Minimal Enclosing Ball problem, Author: Bo Tian
Title: Farewell to arms: Psychology and Paradox in Hemmingway's Life and Death, Author: Janos Talaber

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