Title: A Socio-Economic Analysis of Attendance Behaviour in Commercial Fitness Clubs: Why Some Members Utilize Their Membership Only Little, Author: Maren Mueller
Title: Challenges and opportunities for the innovation of novel drugs: An analysis of R&D collaborations within the sectoral innovation system of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, Author: Elise Siebenbruck
Title: Strategic Changes for Business Models in the German Retail Banking Industry in the Post Financial Crisis Era: Using the Example of the Postbank AG, Author: Tobias Pommerening
Title: The Origin, Proliferation, and Institutionalization of Anti-Catholicism in America, and its Impact on Modern Christian Apologetics, Author: Robert Fazzio
Title: Feasibility Study and Future Projections of Suborbital Space Tourism at the Example of Virgin Galactic, Author: Matthias Otto
Title: Credit Default Swaps. Regulierungsansätze im CDS Markt: Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Central Counterparties, Author: Jasmin Behnke
Title: Process Performance Measurement: Integration of process information in the Performance Measurement system, Author: Daniel Fürstenau
Title: The impact of urban expansion on land surface temperatures in Sulaymaniyah City, Author: Pakiza Saied
Title: Entre Déflation et Récession. Abenomics est-il la bonne politique économique pour ramener le Japon sur le chemin de la croissance?, Author: David Schmengler
Title: Zulässigkeit und Grenzen von Forschungs- und Entwicklungskooperationen im Kartellrecht, Author: Oleg Fedunov
Title: A linguistic analysis of BBC Radio News, Author: Hanswolf Hohn
Title: The meanings of Inclusion in cross-cultural contexts: Exploring the experiences of adult learners and teachers in two FE colleges in the London Area, Author: John Igbino
Title: From Sudan to Suomi: Sudanese Christians in Northern Finland, Author: Edward Dutton
Title: Effizienz und Innovationsleistung von Netzwerken, Author: Tim Oppermann
Title: Founding Myths and Peace Building Processes In Post-Conflict Cambodia, Author: Ricarda Popa
Title: Customer Equity Analyses: Applicabilities and Limitations in Value-Based Management, Author: Kay-Oliver Bunn
Title: Critical success factors and best practices for business succession.: A comparison of family businesses in Germany and the United Kingdom in the third generation., Author: Daniel Scheffold
Title: Gender and Technology. The 'Female Factor' in Software Design, Author: Henrike Paetz
Title: Bilanzierung und Bewertung des Baurechts unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Baurechts im Rahmen von Umgründungen, Author: Georg Schilling
Title: Privatising the military use of force: Responsibilities of states and international organisations under international law, Author: Frank Heemann

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