Title: Classical vs. Modern theory in cognitive linguistics, Author: Aleksandra Pendarovska
Title: Synopsis of Important Facts about Ireland: History and Language, Author: Simone Petry
Title: The Anatomy of the Saint: Tarrou in Camus' The Plague, Author: Anonymous
Title: Organisational Ethics - A Case study review: Ethics, Society & The Organisations, Author: Andreas Keller
Title: Eugene O'Neill and the fairer sex - Anna Christie and Abbie Putnam: Anna Christie and Abbie Putnam, Author: Nadine Kröschel
Title: The analysis of the stock exchange market in Russia, Author: Svetlana Shirobakina
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Title: Haematology Practice In Distressed Economy, Author: Peter Okeke
Title: Russia and its Changing Perceptions of the EU, Author: Michael Hofmann
Title: Assessment of the internal environment of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Author: Christian Rodiek
Title: User generated content - complement or threat to the print media industry?: complement or threat to the print media industry?, Author: Ina Fuchshuber
Title: Women and Resource Use - A study of rural women in a spiny desert region in Madagascar: A study of rural women in a spiny desert region in Madagascar, Author: Christine Langhoff
Title: How India Attracts Foreign Investors, Author: Jennifer Joksch
Title: The impact of globalisation on New Zealand television, Author: Anonymous
Title: Diktatura u knji?evnosti - Milisav Saviæ: 'Hleb i strah', Danilo Ki?: 'Ein Grabmal für Boris Davidoviè' (Grobnica za Borisa Davidovièa), Author: Daniela Portmann-Bogosavac
Title: 'Supporting Diversity - Strengthening Cohesion' - Multiculturalism in Germany: Strengthening Cohesion? - Multiculturalism in Germany, Author: Manuela Paul
Title: Reactive Integration: Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters: Cooperation or Communitisation?, Author: Daniela Pisoiu
Title: Giovanni Verga - Le storie del castello di Trezza: Un'analisi, Author: Stefania Corbatto
Title: Stock option programmes as a value orientated management instrument, Author: Armin Gruwe
Title: Case Analysis RealNetworks - RealNetworks still hot in business?: RealNetworks still hot in business?, Author: Malko Ebers
Title: Basket Securities - The Future of Stock Trading?: The Future of Stock Trading?, Author: Martin Bendmann

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