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Title: The Sun Will Shine Again, Author: Kat Pettibone
Title: Asterisk: A Wildcard Character, Author: Booth Milovnik
Title: A Lie Will Suffice: A DiGiovanni Family History, Author: Jay Wilkinson
Title: Purposed through Joy!, Author: Nikki Pritchett-Johnson
Title: Keeping A Level Head of Faith In the Midst of a Pandemic, Author: Isiah Bennett
Title: The Dreamer 4, Author: A.D. Plautz
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Title: Fractured, Author: Rachelle Galipeau
Title: The Adventures of Blu Pigtails: The Invisible Germ Bug, Author: J. Kymberly Cloud
Title: Campfire Stories, Author: Joseph Cubbage
Title: One Day, Author: Brianna Fiorentino
Title: Suspended License, Author: Brittney Nicole Boyd
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Title: The Innovation Factory, Author: Prith Banerjee Ph.D.
Title: A Letter from Sheri, Author: Cheryl Gyant
Title: The Casket Maker, Author: Ty Humburd
Title: The Murdered Out, Author: Ty Humburd
Title: The Police and the Public: Stop the Madness, Author: Stephen M. Ziman
Title: Mary the Mother of Jesus, Author: Dr. Tiffany Spann Casey
Title: Living the Dream on America's Team, Author: Larry Cole
Title: Daisy and Jacob Ride the Train, Author: David Ramirez

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