Title: Aerion and the Sword of Heroes, Author: John A. Mortenson
Title: Bonga Bonga & Grandpa: A Fish Story, Author: Geoffrey B Haddad
Title: Miracle Bedtime Stories, Author: Sharron Eve Dee
Title: Someone's Trapped: Viking Club Mystery No. 2, Author: Maureen Grenier
Title: The Secret Wish of Dragon H, Author: Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet
Title: Church Castle Corgis: Book One - The Tales From Church Castle Corgis, Author: S. Wilson
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: The Fall of Beth Anderson, Author: Meaghan B. Parent
Title: Growing Up Is Hard To Do: Reflections on your earliest beginnings to your late teenage years, Author: Jay Spence
Title: The Magic Within, Author: Paightyn Armstrong
Title: Edric the Gryphon Prince, Author: Eric K. Williams
Title: Sprinkles, Author: Kate Stempel
Title: The Railway Mice of Countesthorpe, Author: Sharon E Laker
Title: The Adventures of Chipper, The Dog of Dogdom, Author: Richard Henry Carlson
Title: Brothers of Mischief: In the City, Author: Richard L Preece
Title: The Message From Dragon Land: The starting of the adventure, Author: QW.Qu. Lancaster
Title: StonePenny, Author: SJ Sidney
Title: Alfred's Special Place: Finding Sanctuary Now and Forever, Author: Paola di Paolo
Title: Pickle Juice, Author: Janet Goodlet
Title: Farmer Arnold's Barnyard, Author: ME Hulme
Title: The Sunflower's Gift: A story for children and adults inspired by Diana, Princess of Wales, Author: Ann Marie Brezovski

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