Title: The Dragon Lord: The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 2, Author: Cynthia A Sears
Title: The Dragon Sword: The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 3, Author: Cynthia A Sears
Title: From Out of the Shadows, Author: A.G.V. McPherson
Title: A World Divided: The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 1, Author: Cynthia A Sears
Title: Diary of a Teenage Empath: The Awakening, Author: Jeannette Folan
Title: Mothman's Vengeance, Author: Marilyn Brokaw Hall
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Title: Aerion and the Sword of Heroes, Author: John A. Mortenson
Title: A Shattered New Start, Author: K J Sommer
Title: Bessie: Lost & Found, Author: Jody Overend
Title: In the Hopeland, Author: Mukayiranga Eugenie
Title: The Eden Democratic Kingdom Part 1: The Pioneer Generation, Author: Michel Pelletier
Title: Forbidden, Author: Tanna Marie Angers
Title: The Keyhole The Adventures of Toots the Cat, Author: Thomas McCavour
Title: Too Many Wishes, Author: R.H. Lightbound
Title: The Pegasi Chronicles: Book 3: The Five Kingdoms, Author: Allan McCarville
Title: An Ocean Of Fire, Author: Katrina R.W.
Title: Tides of Grace: Book 1 of The Grace Sextet, Author: Weldon B. Durham
Title: The Lost Temple, Author: Alessia Dickson
Title: Ev'ry Flow'r Can Burn, Author: Bianca Isabella Uy Venzon
Title: Plan to the Future: Simple Advice for Young People, Author: Michael Anthony Attard

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