Title: Why You Suck at Bass, Author: Tommy Gordon
Title: Why You Suck at Guitar: Learn the Top Ten Reasons Why You Dont Sound or Play Better, Author: Tommy Gordon
Title: Shred on Your Guitar Like a Demi-God: A Cheat Sheet Book to Maximize Guitar Practicing, Guitar Lessons, and Jam Sessions (Guitar Practicing Guide), Author: Tommy Gordon
Title: Music Production Tips, Tricks, and Secrets: for all Producers, Musicians, Beat Makers, Songwriters, and Media Composers, Author: L. J. Howard
Title: Inspiration for Great Songwriting: for pop, rock & roll, jazz, blues, broadway, and country songwriters, Author: Tommy Gordon
Title: Guitarist Game-Changers: 12 Simple Lessons from Listening to Six Iconic Players (~Akkerman, Braunn, Cooder, Howe, Malmsteen, McLaughlin), Author: Tommy Gordon