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Title: The Way of an Indian, Author: Frederic Remington
Title: Indian Fights and Fighters, Author: Cyrus Townsend Brady
Title: 4 Book Frederic Remington Western Classics Combo, Author: Frederic Remington
Title: Sundown Leflare, Author: Frederic Remington
Title: Chasing Shadows: Apaches and Yaquis Along the United States-Mexico Border, 1876-1911, Author: Shelley Bowen Hatfield
Title: Last of the Great Scouts (Illustrated Edition): The Life Story of Col. William F. Cody, Author: Helen Cody Wetmore
Title: The Indian As a Soldier at Fort Custer, Montana 1890-1895: Lieutenant Samuel C. Robertson's First Cavalry Crow Indian Contingent, Author: Richard Upton
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Title: Tough Times in Rough Places: Adventure, Death and Survival on the Western Frontier, Author: Neil B. Carmony
Title: Pony Tracks - The Original Classic Edition, Author: Frederic Remington
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Title: Frederic Remington: The Hogg Brothers Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Author: Emily B. Neff
Title: The way to the West, and the lives of three early Americans, Boone, Crockett, Carson. By: Emerson Hough (A western clasic), Author: Emerson Hough
Title: Captain Lee Hall of Texas, Author: Frederic Remington
Title: Cowboy High Style: Thomas Molesworth to the New West, Author: Elizabeth Clair Flood
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Title: A Daughter of the Sioux: A Tale of the Indian Frontier, Author: General Charles King
Title: Personal recollections and observations of General Nelson A. Miles embracing a brief view of the Civil War, or, From New England to the Golden Gate: and the story of his Indian campaigns, with comments on the exploration, development and progress of our, Author: Nelson A. Miles
Title: Selected Writings, Author: Frederic Remington
Title: Harrigan, Author: Frederic Remington
Title: Wolfville (Illustrated), Author: Alfred Henry Lewis
Title: John Ermine, The Original Classic Western Novel, Author: Frederic Remington

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