Title: Venom by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection, Author: Daniel Way
Title: Teen Titans Go! (2003-) #30, Author: J. Torres
Title: Data Preprocessing in Data Mining, Author: Salvador Garcïa
Title: Multilabel Classification: Problem Analysis, Metrics and Techniques, Author: Francisco Herrera
Title: Multiple Instance Learning: Foundations and Algorithms, Author: Francisco Herrera
Title: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 18th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence, CAEPIA 2018, Granada, Spain, October 23-26, 2018, Proceedings, Author: Francisco Herrera
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Title: The 2-tuple Linguistic Model: Computing with Words in Decision Making, Author: Luis Martïnez
Title: Venom Vol. 1: Shiver, Author: Daniel Way
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Title: Evolution to Complexity: From unanimated matter to the universal superorganism, Author: Edwin Francisco Herrera-Paz MD
Title: La Revolucion en la Montana de Guerrero. La lucha zapatista 1910-1918, Author: Francisco Herrera Sipriano
Title: Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, 16th International Conference, Author: Francisco Herrera
Title: Superorganismo Universal: Una Teoría de la Evolución Hacia la Complejidad, Author: Edwin-Francisco Herrera-Paz MD.