Title: The Work of Faith: Divine Grace and Human Agency in Martin Luther's Preaching, Author: Justin Nickel
Title: The Museum of the Bible: A Critical Introduction, Author: Jill Hicks-Keeton
Title: Change Agent Church in Black Lives Matter Times: Urgency for Action, Author: Valerie A. Miles-Tribble
Title: Cast Out of the Covenant: Jews and Anti-Judaism in the Gospel of John, Author: Adele Reinhartz
Title: The New Apologetics: At the Intersection of Secularism, Science, and Spirituality, Author: Ian S. Markham
Title: The Roman Army and the New Testament, Author: Christopher B. Zeichmann
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Title: Reading the Bible with Horror, Author: Brandon R. Grafius
Title: A New Perspective on Hebrews: Rethinking the Parting of the Ways, Author: Kenneth Schenck
Title: Radical Hospitality for a Prophetic Church, Author: Amanda D. Quantz
Title: Church as Fullness in All Things: Recasting Lutheran Ecclesiology in an Ecumenical Context, Author: Jonathan Mumme
Title: Divine Revelation and Human Liberation, Author: Harry H. Singleton
Title: Islam as Devotion: A Journey into the Interior of a Religion, Author: Ralf K. Wustenberg
Title: A Church for the World: The Church's Role in Fostering Democracy and Sustainable Development, Author: Samuel Yonas Deressa
Title: Bonhoeffer's Religionless Christianity in Its Christological Context, Author: Peter Hooton
Title: In Tongues of Mortals and Angels: A Deconstructive Theology of God-Talk in Acts and Corinthians, Author: Eric D. Barreto
Title: Ecology of Vocation: Recasting Calling in a New Planetary Era, Author: Kiara A. Jorgenson
Title: Demythologizing Revelation: A Critical Continuation of Rudolf Bultmann's Project, Author: Chester O'Gorman
Title: Word, Silence, and the Climate Emergency: God, Ekklesia, and Christian Doctrine, Author: Timothy J. Gorringe Pre-Order Now
Title: Prayerbook of Christ: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Christological Interpretation of the Psalms, Author: Brad Pribbenow
Title: Schleiermacher: The Psychology of Christian Faith and Life, Author: Terrence N. Tice

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