Title: The Museum of the Bible: A Critical Introduction, Author: Jill Hicks-Keeton
Title: Cast Out of the Covenant: Jews and Anti-Judaism in the Gospel of John, Author: Adele Reinhartz
Title: The Ecclesiology of Thomas F. Torrance: Koinonia and the Church, Author: Kate Tyler
Title: Deep Mysteries: God, Christ and Ourselves, Author: Aidan Nichols OP
Title: The Gospel of John and Jewish-Christian Relations, Author: Adele Reinhartz
Title: An American Biblical Orientalism: The Construction of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Nineteenth-Century American Evangelical Piety, Author: David D. Grafton
Title: Theology and Prince, Author: Jonathan H. Harwell
Title: The Call to Happiness: Eudaimonism in English Puritan Thought, Author: Nathaniel A. Warne
Title: Paul Decentered: Reading 2 Corinthians with the Corinthian Women, Author: Arminta M. Fox
Title: Witch Hunt in Galatia: Magic, Medicine, and Ritual and the Occasion of Paul's Letter to the Galatians, Author: Jeremy Wade Barrier
Title: The Christology of Karl Barth and Matta al-Miskin, Author: Hani Hanna
Title: Theology and the Marvel Universe, Author: Gregory Stevenson
Title: The Young Against the Old: Generational Conflict in First Clement, Author: L.L. Welborn
Title: The Ministry of Paul the Apostle: History and Redaction, Author: G. Roger Greene
Title: Theological Anthropology and the Great Literary Genres: Understanding the Human Story, Author: Michael P. Jensen
Title: The Message of Paul the Apostle within Second Temple Judaism, Author: Frantisek Ábel
Title: Being Subordinate Men: Paul's Rhetoric of Gender and Power in 1 Corinthians, Author: Brian J. Robinson
Title: The Nations in the Divine Economy: Paul's Covenantal Hermeneutics and Participation in Christ, Author: William S. Campbell
Title: Divine Revelation and Human Liberation, Author: Harry H. Singleton
Title: A New Perspective on Hebrews: Rethinking the Parting of the Ways, Author: Kenneth Schenck

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