Title: Interdependence: Biology and Beyond, Author: Kriti Sharma
Title: The Sons of Molly Maguire: The Irish Roots of America's First Labor War, Author: Mark Bulik
Title: The Book of Tiny Prayer: Daily Meditations from the Plague Year, Author: Micah Bucey
Title: Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, Author: Michael Epperson
Title: Hour of the Cat, Author: Peter Quinn
Title: Teaching While Black: A New Voice on Race and Education in New York City, Author: Pamela Lewis
Title: Orphaned Landscapes: Violence, Visuality, and Appearance in Indonesia, Author: Patricia Spyer
Title: Dry Bones, Author: Peter Quinn
Title: On Being and Cognition: Ordinatio 1.3, Author: John Duns Scotus
Title: Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy: Culture, Politics, and the Animality of the Human Being / Edition 4, Author: Vanessa Lemm
Title: The Man Who Never Returned, Author: Peter Quinn
Title: Whose Middle Ages?: Teachable Moments for an Ill-Used Past, Author: Andrew Albin
Title: From Slave Ship to Harvard: Yarrow Mamout and the History of an African American Family, Author: James H. Johnston
Title: In Search of Radical Theology: Expositions, Explorations, Exhortations, Author: John D. Caputo
Title: Suspicion and Faith: The Religious Uses of Modern Atheism / Edition 1, Author: Merold Westphal
Title: Remaking North American Sovereignty: State Transformation in the 1860s, Author: Jewel L. Spangler
Title: The Routes Not Taken: A Trip Through New York City's Unbuilt Subway System, Author: Joseph B. Raskin
Title: The Forgotten Radical Peter Maurin: Easy Essays from the Catholic Worker, Author: Peter Maurin
Title: The Metaphysics of Experience: A Companion to Whitehead's Process and Reality, Author: Elizabeth Kraus
Title: In the Midst of Wars: An American's Mission to Southeast Asia, Author: Edward G. Lansdale

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