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Title: An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Virginia D'Albert-Lake / Edition 3, Author: Judy Barrett Litoff
Title: The General and His Daughter: The War Time Letters of General James M. Gavin to his Daughter Barbara, Author: Barbara Gavin Fauntleroy
Title: The Metaphysics of Experience: A Companion to Whitehead's Process and Reality, Author: Elizabeth Kraus
Title: The Lincoln Assassination: Crime and Punishment Myth and MemoryA Lincoln Forum Book, Author: Craig L. Symonds
Title: Dewey's Metaphysics: Form and Being in the Philosophy of John Dewey, Author: Raymond Boisvert
Title: Pragmatism as Post-Postmodernism: Lessons from John Dewey / Edition 1, Author: Larry A. Hickman
Title: Pragmatism, Rights, and Democracy / Edition 1, Author: Beth J. Singer
Title: Combat Reporter: Don Whitehead's World War II Diary and Memoirs / Edition 2, Author: Don Whitehead
Title: Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, Author: Michael Epperson
Title: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The First Complete, Unexpurgated Text / Edition 1, Author: Harold Holzer
Title: The Politics of Survival: Peirce, Affectivity, and Social Criticism, Author: Lara Trout
Title: A Short and Remarkable History of New York City / Edition 2, Author: Jane Mushabac
Title: The Letters of William Cullen Bryant: Volume III, 1849-1857, Author: William Cullen Bryant
Title: The Gleam of Light: Moral Perfectionism and Education in Dewey and Emerson, Author: Naoko Saito
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Title: Peirce's Philosophical Perspectives, Author: Vincent G. Potter
Title: Hungary in World War II: Caught in the Cauldron, Author: Deborah S. Cornelius
Title: Cool: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything, Author: Salvatore Basile
Title: Power of Gentleness: Meditations on the Risk of Living, Author: Anne Dufourmantelle
Title: Greek: An Intensive Course, 2nd Revised Edition / Edition 2, Author: Hardy Hansen
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Title: Chaining the Hudson: The Fight for the River in the American Revolution, Author: Lincoln Diamant

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