Title: America's No. 1's of the '40s, Artist:
Title: Two Classic Albums Plus Singles 1946-1961, Artist: Floyd Tillman
Title: Decade of Hits: The 40's, Artist:
Title: Run That by Me One More Time, Artist: Willie Nelson
Title: Wizards of Country Guitar: Selected Sides 1935-1955, Artist:
Title: Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: 1945, Artist:
Title: The Collection 1956-1962, Artist: Tab Hunter
Title: Margaret Whiting's Great Hits, Artist: Margaret Whiting
Title: Slow 'n' Moody Black & Bluesy & More, Artist:
Title: Too Late to Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots, Artist:
Title: Greatest Country Hits of 1950, Artist:
Title: The Sun Rock Box, Artist:
Title: Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security, Artist:
Title: Black Cat: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight, Artist: Tommy Collins
Title: Hag: The Capitol Recordings 1968-1976 - Concepts, Live & the Strangers, Artist: Merle Haggard
Title: The Buddy Clark Collection 1934-1949, Artist: Buddy Clark
Title: It Will Come to Pass: The Metaphysical Worlds and Poetic Introspections of Willie Nelso, Artist: Willie Nelson
Title: The Essential Recordings, Artist: Floyd Tillman
Title: The Hits Collection, Artist: Jimmy Wakely
Title: Don't Take My Sunshine Away: Vintage Hillbilly Blues & Ballads1932-1949, Artist: Jimmie Davis

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