Title: Discovery and Exploration of America: 1000-1542, Author: Christopher Columbus
Title: Colonization of America: 1562-1733, Author: John Smith
Title: The American Revolution: 1745-1784, Author: Thomas Jefferson
Title: The American Revolution, Author: George Washington
Title: The Federalist Period: 1785-1801, Author: James Madison
Title: Westward Expansion - War of 1812: 1802-1820, Author: James Madison
Title: Developing Nation and Texas:1820-1847, Author: Thomas Jefferson
Title: Mexican War and Slavery: 1846-1860, Author: Daniel Webster
Title: American Civil War: 1846-1860, Author: Abraham Lincoln
Title: America Under Reconstruction: 1866-1890, Author: E. Benjamin Andrews
Title: New World Power:1893-1913, Author: Harry Thurston Peck
Title: First World War: 1914-1916, Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Title: America at War & Peace: 1917-1925, Author: Woodrow Wilson