Title: Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary, Author: Erich Martin Hicks
Title: The Best Poems of Alexander Pushkin, Lost in Translation?, Author: Alexander Pushkin
Title: The Spirit Traveler, The Northwest Indian War in the Ohio Country, Author: Kirby Whitacre
Title: Rules of Engagement: Strategies for Dating Success!, Author: Kenneth E Sullivan Jr.
Title: The Impact of Confidence: 7 Secrets of Success for the Human Side of Leadership, Author: Timothy J Ressmeyer
Title: Kindness on a Budget, Author: Suzie Abels
Title: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension -- A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift, Author: Vidya Frazier
Title: Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors - 2020 Edition, Author: David J. Willis
Title: Dark Side of the Fence, Author: LaMar S. Giles
Title: Poster Child, The Kemba Smith Story, Author: Kemba Smith
Title: Soul Search, a Scientist Explores the Afterlife, Author: David Darling
Title: Lexi's Christmas Gift, Author: L. Henry Smith
Title: Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks, Author: Angela Dawn
Title: To Lead A Good Life... A Wealth of Inspiration, Motivation, and Leadership, Author: Tony Legando
Title: Feel Younger, Stronger, Sexier: The Truth about Bio-Identical Hormones, Author: Dan Hale
Title: Equations of Eternity, Speculations on Consciousness, Meaning, and the Mathematical Rules That Orchestrate the Cosmos, Author: David Darling
Title: Sideways 3 Chile, Author: Rex Pickett
Title: MANifesto: A Call For Men To Become Warriors For Kindness, Author: Richard Matzkin
Title: Specific Stretching for Everyone, Author: Aaron L. Mattes
Title: The Mabamba Return, A Historical Novel, Author: John B. Franz

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