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Title: Critical Articles:
Title: Made in Canada, Femspec Issue 1.2, Author: Nancy Johnston
Title: Professor/Mother: The Uneasy Partnership, Femspec v. 8, Author: Ruth Panofsky
Title: Femspec 17.2, Author: Femspec Journal
Title: Sex Role Reversals in Star Trek's Planets of Women as Indices of Second Wave Media Protest, Femspec Issue 1.1, Author: Batya Weinbaum
Title: Coyote Wants a Baby and Father Coyote, two short stories by Stephanie Sellers, Femspec vol.2 issues 1 and 2, Author: Stephanie Sellers
Title: Memoirs of an Academic Career Femspec v. 8.1-2, Author: Batya Weinbaum
Title: 2 Interviews by Stephanie Rogers, Femspec Issue 15, Author: Stephanie Rogers
Title: Book and Film Reviews and Books Received, Femspec double issue v. 8, Author: Femspec Journal
Title: Four Book Reviews and Books and Media Received, Femspec Issue 16.1, Author: Femspec Journal
Title: 3 Conferences, Femspec Issue 15, Author: Femspec Journal
Title: Margins Made Visible, Femspec Issue 1.1, Author: Earl Pike
Title: Phenomenal Women: The Shape-Shifter Archetype in Postcolonial Magical Realist Fiction, Femspec Issue 6.2, Author: Megan Musgrave
Title: Cartesian Nuts: Rewriting the Platonic Androgyne in Angela Carter's Japanese Surrealism, Femspec Issue 6.2, 2005, Author: Scott A. Dimovitz
Title: Juneteenth, Femspec Issue 1.1, Author: Christina Springer
Title: Femspec 16.1 The Great Age Issue Part 3: Introductions and Overview, Author: Femspec Journal
Title: Works of Jenny Wrenn, Femspec Issue 16.1, Author: Femspec Journal
Title: The Surrealist Cosmovision of Bridget Tichenor, Femspec Issue 1.1, Author: Gloria Orenstein
Title: Revelation 24:12, Femspec Issue 1.2, Author: Linda Eisenstein

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