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Title: Aviation Weather: FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 00-6B, Author: Federal Aviation Administration
Title: Standards for Airport Markings, AC 150/5340-1K, Author: FAA
Title: Operations of Aircraft at Altitudes Above 25,000 Feet MSL and/or Mach Numbers (Mmo) Greater than .75, Author: FAA
Title: Airport Visual Aids: Design and Installation Details for Airport Visual Aids (AC 150/5340-30E), Author: Faa
Title: Airline Transport Pilot and Airplane Type Rating Practical Test Standards, Author: Faa
Title: WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program (AC 61-91J), Author: FAA
Title: Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Airplane, Author: FAA
Title: Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards (FAA-S-8081-7A), Author: Faa
Title: Airmen Transition to Experimental or Unfamiliar Airplanes (AC 90-109), Author: Faa
Title: Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Rotorcraft, Helicopter and Gyroplane, Author: Federal Aviation Administration
Title: Conducting an Effective Flight Review, Author: FAA
Title: Currency and Additional Qualification Requirements for Certificated Pilots (AC 61-98A), Author: FAA
Title: Amateur-Built and Ultralight Flight Test Handbook, Author: FAA
Title: Aircraft Wake Turbulence (AC90-23f), Author: FAA
Title: General Aviation Pilots Guide to Preflight Weather Planning, Weather Self-Briefings, and Weather Decision Making, Author: FAA