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Title: Believe: A collection of poetry from John F Connor, Author: Paula Ann Murphy
Title: Elite: And Here The Wheel, Author: John Harper
Title: Exiles, Author: Daniel Blythe
Title: How To Be A Fantastic Writer, Author: Penny Grubb
Title: Dreaming of Steam: 23 tales of Wolds and rails, Author: Mark Blakeston
Title: Faith, Author: Gabi Grubb
Title: Return to Dust, Author: Stuart Aken
Title: The Lords Of Midnight, Author: Mike Singleton
Title: I used to be, Author: Mary Brown
Title: Blood Red Dust, Author: Stuart Aken
Title: Believe 2, Author: Gabi Grubb
Title: Edge of Arcadia, Author: Paula Ann Murphy
Title: Fantastic Cookies, Author: Daniel and Gabi Grubb
Title: Fusion, Author: Fantastic Books Publishing
Title: Deception, Author: Mary Jay
Title: Waiting for Gordo, Author: Gabi Grubb
Title: The Boy in Winter's Grasp, Author: John Scotcher
Title: 666, Author: Dean Samed
Title: Ours: A poetry anthology, Author: Jana Russ
Title: On Shallowed Ground: including Dr Barker's Scientific Metamorphical Prostate Health Formula(R) and Other Stories, Poems, Comedy and Dark Matter from the Center of the Universe, Author: Heather Murphy

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