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Title: The Bald Book, Author: Sandy Huffaker
Title: Chunks: An Intimate Look at Some Very Available Men, Author: Patty Brown
Title: Chinese Year, Author: Ellen Hsiao
Title: Danger: High Explosives!, Author: Carolyn G. Hart
Title: How to Get from the Airport to the City All around the World: 1989-90 Edition, Author: Norman Crampton
Title: New Holiday Guide to Hawaii, Author: Company Incorporated M.\evans#
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Title: Funniest Moments in Sports, Author: Herman L. Masin
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Title: True Crime Quiz Book, Author: Jay R. Nash
Title: Amulets, Charms and Talismans, how to Make : What They Mean and how to Use Them, Author: Deborah D. Lippman
Title: Gospel Graffiti, Author: Theresa Greenwood
Title: Viva Morelia, Author: Eugenio Villicana
Title: A Billion Dollars, Author: James Tertius De Kay
Title: I Love-Hate New York, Author: Bernie Karlin
Title: Careers of Service in the Church, Author: Benson Y. Landis
Title: Instant Haute Cuisine: French Cooking American Style, Author: Esther R. Solomon
Title: Sixty-Plus and Fit Again: Exercises for Older Men and Women, Author: Magda Rosenberg
Title: Funniest Moments in School, Author: Bruce Weber
Title: Certain Island, Author: Robert A. Murphy
Title: Ulcer Diet Cookbook, Author: Harold Rubin
Title: The Mystery Reader's Quiz Book, Author: Muff Singer

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