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Title: Food and Farming, Author: John D. Baines
Title: Allergies, Author: Jillian Powell
Title: Environmental Technology, Author: Andrew Solway
Title: China, Author: Carole Goddard
Title: Funniest Moments in Sports, Author: Herman L. Masin
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Title: Creativity: What Is It?, Author: Daniel Cohen
Title: John Steinbeck: The Voice of the Land, Author: Keith Ferrell
Title: Count of Monte Cristo, Author: Pauline Francis
Title: Mysterious Grain: Science in Search of the Origin of Corn, Author: Mary Elting
Title: City in the World of the Future, Author: Hal Hellman
Title: Tomorrow, New Worlds of Science Fiction, Author: Roger Elwood
Title: Running, Author: Clive Gifford
Title: Violence, Author: Cath Senker
Title: Emperor's New Clothes, Author: Louise John
Title: A Galaxy of Verse, Author: Louis Untermeyer
Title: Goal, Author: Dee Phillips
Title: Weathering and Erosion, Author: Clive Gifford
Title: Joyride, Author: Dee Phillips
Title: Torah and Judaism, Author: Vivienne Cato
Title: Energy in the World of the Future, Author: Hal Hellman

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