Title: Miwok Means People: The life and fate of the native inhabitants of the California Gold Rush country, Author: Eugene L Conrotto
Title: A Day With the Ant-People, Author: Eugene L. Conrotto
Title: Lost Gold and Silver Mines of the Southwest, Author: Eugene L. Conrotto
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Title: Notes on My Stay at a Convalescent Hospital: An Intimate Look at the Very Cleft in the Buttocks of Medicine, Author: Daniel A Langhoff
Title: Avanti America: 36 Stories of the Struggles and Triumphs of the Piemontese Emigrants to a California Farming Paradise, Author: Eugene L. Conrotto
Title: Classroom Strategies for the Subversive English Teacher, Author: Eugene L. Conrotto
Title: The Memoirs of Caesar Honore: A Curious Enterprise in the Gold Fields of California in 1849, Author: Dan A Langhoff