Title: Adjacencies: Minority Writings in Canada, Author: Lianne Moyes
Title: Critics Who Know Jack: Urban Myths, Media and Rock & Roll, Author: Joseph Maviglia
Title: Italo-Canadians: Citizenship and Nationality, Author: Giovanni Alberto Di
Title: Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets, Author: Keith Garebian
Title: If You're Not Free at Work, Where Are You Free: Literature and Social Change, Author: Tom Wayman
Title: small things: (a random selection of anti-essays), Author: Sky Gilbert
Title: The Oulipo Challenge, Author: Hillar Liitoja
Title: Colours to the Chameleon: Canadian Actors on Shakespeare, Author: Keith Garebian
Title: Dervish at the Crossroads: A Soundquest Through the First Two Decades of the New Millennium, Author: Wanda Waterman
Title: Shakespeare Beyond Science: When Poetry Was the World, Author: Sky Gilbert
Title: Mini Musings: Miniature Thoughts on Theatre and Poetry, Author: Keith Garebian
Title: In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Twelve Canadian Poets, Volume II, Author: Laurence Hutchman Pre-Order Now
Title: From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta's Italian History, Author: Adriana A. Davies
Title: Italo-Canadesi: Nationality and Citizenship, Author: Alberto Di Giovanni