Title: Maggie and the Mystery Present, Author: Courtney Ruffalo
Title: Loving You Is Worth The Risk?, Author: Eric Smith
Title: Sparky: He Is Our Pet, Author: Sherry Ramrattan Smith
Title: Extreme Monsters #1 - The Blue Moon Effect, Author: Mel Friedman
Title: Brothers: Best Friends Growing Up, Author: Sherry Ramrattan Smith
Title: How to stop smoking: How to desist from Smoking, Author: Eric Smith
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Inked, Author: Eric Smith
Title: Branded, Author: Eric Smith
Title: Successful Organizational Tidbits for Today's Business Leaders: Volume I, Author: Eric Smith
Title: Time Trials, Author: Eric Smith
Title: Wilder Investigations #1
Title: Sheriff Smith and Justice Investigate the Bedroom Monster, Author: Eric Smith
Title: Eponymous, Author: J. Eric Smith
Title: Critical Mass and Other Stories, Author: C. Scott Davis
Title: The Winning Edge Way: An Athlete and Coach's Guide To Becoming A 3-Dimensional Competitor, Author: Eric Smith