Title: The Hunt
Title: Valentine's Day
Title: Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve
Title: Nancy Drew
Director: Andrew Fleming
Title: I Am Michael
Director: Justin Kelly
Title: The Flight Before Christmas
Title: Aquamarine
Director: Elizabeth Allen
Title: Nerve
Title: Little Italy
Title: Hotel for Dogs
Title: Empire State
Director: Dito Montiel
Title: Who We Are Now
Title: Paradise Hills
Title: The Blackcoat's Daughter
Title: Adult World
Director: Scott Coffey
Title: Unfabulous and More, Artist: Emma Roberts
Title: Her Baby Daddy: The Prequel, Author: Emma Roberts
Title: Bunker Hill in the Rearview Mirror: The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of an Urban Neighborhood, Author: Emma Roberts
Title: Wild Child
Director: Nick Moore
Title: The Butterfly Ward, Author: Chantelle Emma Roberts

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