Title: The Art of Intimate Marriage: A Christian Couple's Guide to Sexual Intimacy, Author: Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen
Title: Transitions: Finding Hope and Meaning In Life's Journey, Author: P.H. Deese
Title: The Book of Proverbs and Wisdom: A Reference Manual, Author: Curt Tomlin
Title: The Dark Knight Devotionals: Finding Biblical Truth In The World Of Batman, Author: Daniel Debs
Title: Marathon Swimming The Sport of the Soul: Inspiring Stories of Passion, Faith, and Grit, Author: Paul Andrew Asmuth
Title: 2BeCourageous (Living with a Stranger): One family's open and raw account living in a world of early onset Alzheimer's and Frontotemporal Dementia, Author: Heidi A. DeBoer
Title: Rough Way to the High Way, Author: Kelly Mack McCoy
Title: God Only Knows: Can You Trust Him With The Secret?, Author: Joe Camp
Title: Out of the Holocaust, Author: Peter Volodja Boe
Title: Spaced Out, Author: Korissa Allen
Title: Freedom Frog: How Freddie Got a New Name, Author: Jennifer Lyons
Title: Everyday Encounters with the Lord: Meeting God and hearing His Word in everyday experiences. A year of daily devotional thoughts, Author: Tony Elder
Title: The Devil in the Back Pew: Dealing with Dark Spirits in the Church, Author: Joe Kovalcik
Title: This Road I'm On: The Power of Hope in the Face of Adversity, Author: Bill Lee
Title: Worthy of Rain, Author: Elizaveta Fehr
Title: John the Beloved, Author: Deborah Wyatt
Title: Alexander and Avery's Great Adventure, Author: P.A. Winters
Title: A Day or Forever, I'll Love You The Same, Author: Michelle Thompson
Title: Teaching for God's Glory: Daily Wisdom and Inspiration for New Teachers, Author: Tyler Harms
Title: The Historical Jesus and the Historical Joseph Smith, Author: Tom Hobson

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