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Title: Ideas and Influence, Author: James G. McGann
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Title: The Lost Art of Economics: Essays on Economics and the Economics Profession, Author: David C. Colander
Title: Financial Systems, Corporate Investment in Innovation, and Venture Capital, Author: Anthony Bartzokas
Title: Privatization and Public Policy, Author: Vincent Wright
Title: Beyond Profit and Self-Interest: Economics with a Broader Scope, Author: Robert Scott Gassler
Title: Low Pay and Earnings Mobility in Europe, Author: Rita Asplund
Title: The Rise of the Market: Critical Essays on the Political Economy of Neo-Liberalism, Author: Philip Arestis
Title: Management and Industry in Russia: Formal and Informal Relations in the Period of Transition, Author: Simon Clarke
Title: Welfare, Environment and Changing US-Chinese Relations: 21st Century Challenges in China, Author: Maria Weber
Title: Narratives of Enterprise, Author: DOWN
Title: Currency Crises: A Theoretical and Empirical Perspective (New Horizons in Money and Finance), Author: Andre Fourcans
Title: Recent Developments in Institutional Economics, Author: Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Title: Industrial Development and Environmental Degradation: A Source Book on the Origins of Global Pollution, Author: Se-Hark Park
Title: EU Expansion to the East: Prospects and Problems, Author: Hilary C. Ingham
Title: Economics and Biology, Author: Geoffrey Martin Hodgson
Title: Governance and Auditing, Author: Peter Moizer
Title: Governance for Sustainable Development: The Challenge of Adapting Form to Function, Author: William M. Lafferty
Title: Thorstein Veblen in the Twenty-First Century: A Commemoration of the Theory of the Leisure Class, 1899-1999, Author: Douglas M. Brown
Title: Successes and Failures in Regulating and Deregulating Utilities: Evidence from the UK, Europe, and the US, Author: Colin Robinson
Title: European Economists of the Early 20th Century: Studies of Neglected Thinkers of Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Scandinavia, Author: Warren J. Samuels

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