Title: Local Public Finance in Europe: Balancing the Budget and Controlling Debt, Author: Bernard Dafflon
Title: Traditional Classics on Leadership (International Library of Leadership Series), Author: J. Thomas Wren
Title: Recent Developments in Institutional Economics, Author: Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Title: Social Environmental Research in the European Union: Research Networks and New Agendas, Author: Michael R. Redclift
Title: Environmental Regulation in a Federal System: Framing Environmental Policy in the European Union, Author: Tim Jeppesen
Title: Entrepreneurship and Technology Policy, Author: Albert N. Link
Title: Economic Thought and the Making of European Monetary Union: Selected Essays of Ivo Maes, Author: Ivo Maes
Title: Innovation and Health: Theory, Methodology and Applications, Author: T. Grebel
Title: Corruption in the Developed World, Author: Robert Williams
Title: Agriculture in the New Global Economy, Author: William Coleman
Title: The Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship: Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research, Author: David Smallbone
Title: Conflict, Chaos and Confusion: The Crisis in the International Trading System, Author: William A. Kerr
Title: Voluntary Approaches in Climate Policy, Author: Andrea Baranzini
Title: Regulation, Economics and the Law, Author: Anthony I. Ogus
Title: Constitutions, Markets and Law: Recent Experiences in Transition Economies, Author: Stefan Voigt
Title: Economic Valuation of the Environment: Methods and Case Studies / Edition 1, Author: Guy Garrod
Title: Integrated Assessment and Management of Public Resources, Author: Joseph C. Cooper
Title: Systems Thinking and Decision Making in Urban and Environmental Planning, Author: A. Perdicoulis
Title: Full Employment in Europe, Author: Gunther Schmid
Title: Global Divergence in Trade, Finance and Monetary Policy, Author: Alexander

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