Title: The Economic Dynamics of Modern Biotechnology, Author: Mckelvey
Title: Handbook of Intergenerational Justice, Author: Joerg Chet Tremmel
Title: Financial Reporting by Multinationals, Author: Carol A. Adams
Title: The Future of Economic Growth (Saint-Gobain Centre for Economic Studies Sereies): As New Becomes Old, Author: Robert Boyer
Title: Regulation and Efficiency in Banking, Author: Hall M. J. B.
Title: Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics, Author: Barbara Hobson
Title: Environmental Economics and Public Policy: Selected Papers of Robert N. Stavins, 1988-1999, Author: Robert N. Stavins
Title: International Handbook on Privatisation, Author: David Parker
Title: Currency Crises: A Theoretical and Empirical Perspective (New Horizons in Money and Finance), Author: Andre Fourcans
Title: Promoting New Telecom Infrastructures: Markets, Policies and Pricing, Author: M. Falch
Title: The Elgar Companion to Law and Economics, Author: Jurgen G. Backhaus
Title: Bridging the Global Digital Divide, Author: Jeffrey James
Title: Economic Rights and Environmental Wrongs: Property Rights for the Common Good, Author: Rose Anne Devlin
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Title: Local Enterprises in the Global Economy, Author: Hubert Schmitz
Title: Challenging Time Series: Limits to Knowledge, Inertia and Caprice, Author: T. D. Stanley
Title: Designing Effective Environmental Regimes: The Key Conditions, Author: Jorgen Wettestad
Title: Capital Mobility and Exchange Rates and Economic Crises, Author: George Fane
Title: A Handbook of Economic Anthropology, Author: J. G. Carrier
Title: Exchange Rate Regimes in the 20th Century, Author: Derek Howard Aldcroft
Title: Labour Relations in Transition: Wages, Employment and Industrial Conflict in Russia, Author: Simon Clarke

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