Title: Ideas and Influence, Author: James G. McGann
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Title: European Universities and the Challenge of the Market: A Comparative Analysis, Author: Marino Regini
Title: Regional Cohesion and Competition in the Age of Globilization, Author: Hirotada Keono
Title: EMU and Economic Policy in Europe: The Challenge of the Early Years, Author: Marco Buti
Title: Trade Growth in Transition Economies: Export Impediments for Central and Eastern Europe, Author: Richard N. Cooper
Title: Measuring Welfare Changes and Tax Burdens, Author: John Creedy
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Title: Innovation and Employment: Process Versus Product Innovation, Author: Charles Edquist
Title: The Environment, Sustainable Development and Public Policies: Building Sustainability in Brazil, Author: Clovis de Vasconcelos Cavalcanti
Title: SMEs in the Age of Globalization, Author: David B. Audretsch
Title: International Handbook of Maritime Economics, Author: K. Cullinane
Title: Building Knowledge Regions in North America: Emerging Technology Innovation Poles, Author: Leonel Corona Treviño
Title: Monetary History, Exchange Rates and Financial Markets: Essays in Honour of Charles Goodhart, Author: C. A. E. Goodhart
Title: The German State Banks: Global Players in the International Financial Markets, Author: Hans-Werner Sinn
Title: Human Rights and Capitalism: A Multidisplinary Perspective on Globalisation, Author: Janet Dine
Title: The Economics of Copyright: Developments in Research and Analysis, Author: Wendy J. Gordon
Title: Political Economy of Institutions, Author: Claude Ménard
Title: The Historical Evolution of the International Political Economy, Author: Christopher K. Chase-Dunn
Title: The Economics of Transaction Costs, Author: Oliver E. Williamson
Title: Instruments for Climate Policy: Limited vs. Unlimited Flexibility, Author: Johan Albrecht
Title: Managing Know-Who Based Companies: A Multinetworked Approach to Knowledge and Innovation Management, Author: Sigvald J. Harryson

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