Title: Economic Rights and Environmental Wrongs: Property Rights for the Common Good, Author: Rose Anne Devlin
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Title: Exchange Rate Regimes in the 20th Century, Author: Derek Howard Aldcroft
Title: The Shape of the Division of Labour: Nations, Industries and Households, Author: Robert M. Solow
Title: Dealing with Terrorism - Stick or Carrot? / Edition 1, Author: Bruno S. Frey
Title: Ecological Economics and the Ecology of Economics: Essays in Criticism, Author: Herman E. Daly
Title: Globalisation and the New Terror: The Asia Pacific Dimension, Author: David Martin Jones
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Title: The New Democratic Federalism for Europe, Author: Bruno S. Frey
Title: The Nature of Economic Growth: An Alternative Framework for Understanding the Performance of Nations, Author: A. P. Thirlwall
Title: Aid, Institutions and Development: New Approaches to Growth, Governance and Poverty, Author: Ashok Chakravarti
Title: Nationhood and Political Theory, Author: Margaret Canovan
Title: Reason and Reality in the Methodologies of Economics: An Introduction, Author: Glenn Fox
Title: Public Policy: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis, Author: D. W. Parsons
Title: Reflections on Monetarism: Britain's Vain Search for a Successful Economic Strategy, Author: Tim Congdon
Title: The Young, the Old and the State: Social Care Systems in Five Industrial Nations, Author: Annell Anttonen
Title: Democracy and Dissent: The Challenge of International Rule Making, Author: Frank Vibert
Title: The Economic Challenge for Europe: Adapting to Innovation Based Growth, Author: Jan Fagerberg
Title: Technological Change in the Modern Economy: Basic Topics and New Developments, Author: Paul Beije
Title: Capitalism with a Human Face, Author: Samuel Brittan
Title: Not Just for the Money: An Economic Theory of Personal Motivation, Author: Bruno S. Frey
Title: Feminism and Anti-Feminism in Early Economic Thought, Author: Michele A. Pujol

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