Title: Handbook of Research on European Business and Entrepreneurship: Towards a Theory of Internationalization, Author: Leo-Paul Dana
Title: The Elgar Companion to the Economics of Property Rights, Author: Enrico Colombatto
Title: International Handbook on the Economics of Education, Author: Geraint Johnes
Title: Who's Who in the Management Sciences, Author: Cary L. Cooper
Title: International Handbook on Privatization, Author: David Parker
Title: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship, Author: Helle Neergaard
Title: Handbook of Critical Information Systems Research: Theory and Application, Author: Debra Howcroft
Title: Handbook on Third Sector Policy in Europe: Multi-Level Processes and Organized Civil Society, Author: Jeremy Kendall
Title: International Research Handbook on Successful Women Entrepreneurs, Author: Sandra L. Fielden
Title: A Dictionary of Econometrics, Author: Adrian C. Darnell
Title: Handbook for Directors of Financial Institutions, Author: Benton E. Gup
Title: Handbook on Climate Change and Agriculture, Author: Ariel Dinar
Title: Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Growth, Author: Mark Setterfield
Title: Handbook of Research Competitive Strategy, Author: Giovanni Battista Dagnino
Title: A Biographical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Economists, Author: J. E. King
Title: Handbook of Institutional Approaches to International Business, Author: Geoffrey Wood
Title: Handbook on Trade and the Environment, Author: Kevin P. Gallagher
Title: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing, Author: Russell W. Belk
Title: International Handbook of Maritime Business, Author: Kevin Cullinane
Title: Research Handbook on International Banking and Governance, Author: James R. Barth

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