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Title: Using Formative Assessment in the RTI Framework, Author: Kay Burke
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Title: The Data Guidebook for Teachers and Leaders: Tools for Continuous Improvement, Author: Eileen Depka
Title: The Authentic Standards-Based Environment: A Systematic Approach to Learning Targets, Assessment, and Data (A practical guide to standards-based learning for teacher teams and educators), Author: Eileen Depka
Title: Raising the Rigor: Effective Questioning Strategies and Techniques for the Classroom (Teach Students to Write and Ask Their Own Meaningful Questions), Author: Eileen Depka
Title: Letting Data Lead: How to Design, Analyze, and Respond to Classroom Assessment (Gain Actionable Insights Through Effective Assessment Methods and Data Interpretation), Author: Eileen Depka
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Title: Bringing Homework Into Focus: Tools and Tips to Enhance Practices, Design, and Feedback, Author: Eileen Depka
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