Title: Scar City (Paperback), Author: Joel Lane
Title: Magic Mirror: A Compendium of Comics 1983-1998, Author: Ed Pinsent
Title: Blind Swimmer - An Eibonvale Press Anthology (Paperback), Author: David Rix
Title: How Many Times? (Paperback), Author: Rhys Hughes
Title: Some Pink Star, Author: Sophie Essex
Title: Tomorrow, When I Was Young, Author: Julie Travis
Title: Once And Future Cities (Paperback), Author: Allen Ashley
Title: The Rimini-Ferrara Line, Author: Brendan Connell
Title: Sylvow (Paperback), Author: Douglas Thompson
Title: The Illiterate Ghost, Author: Alan Price
Title: How I Learned The Truth About Krampus, Author: Tom Johnstone
Title: Animals of the Exodus, Author: Alexander Zelenyj
Title: The Smell of Telescopes, Author: Rhys Hughes
Title: Blacker Against the Deep Dark, Author: Alexander Zelenyj
Title: The Drone Outside, Author: Kristine Ong Muslim
Title: The Planet Suite - New Expanded Edition, Author: Allen Ashley
Title: Sensorama (Paperback), Author: Allen Ashley
Title: Bloody War (Paperback), Author: Terry Grimwood
Title: The Architect, Author: Brendan Connell
Title: A Thread Of Truth (Paperback), Author: Nina Allan

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