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Title: American History X
Title: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Title: Aftermath
Title: Pet Sematary Two
Title: Brainscan
Title: Detroit Rock City
Title: A Home of Our Own
Title: Before and After
Title: Animal Factory
Title: The Zombie King
Title: Pecker
Title: Woods Have Eyes/Cruel World
Title: Little Odessa
Title: American Heart
Title: Below Zero
Title: The Mortician
Title: Odysseus Trilogy: The Mysterious Cursus, The Problem of Nazca, Author: Edward Furlong
Title: From Chimps to Humans? & Is Our Civilization Dying, Author: Edward Furlong
Title: Fragmented Pieces: Augmented Parts: Winter Fragments, Author: Anthony Edward Furlong Mr
Title: The Shakespeare Identity Problem Volume 1, Author: Edward Furlong

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