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Title: Physiological Processes in Plant Ecology: Toward a Synthesis with Atriplex / Edition 1, Author: C.B. Osmond
Title: Acid Deposition and the Acidification of Soils and Waters / Edition 1, Author: J.O. Reuss
Title: Quantitative Methods in Landscape Ecology: The Analysis and Interpretation of Landscape Heterogeneity / Edition 1, Author: Monica G. Turner
Title: Peatland Forestry: Ecology and Principles / Edition 1, Author: Eero Paavilainen
Title: Ecology and Conservation of Great Plains Vertebrates / Edition 1, Author: Fritz L. Knopf
Title: The Central Amazon Floodplain: Ecology of a Pulsing System / Edition 1, Author: Wolfgang J. Junk
Title: Pelagic Nutrient Cycles: Herbivores as Sources and Sinks / Edition 1, Author: Tom Andersen
Title: Aquatic Humic Substances: Ecology and Biogeochemistry / Edition 1, Author: Dag Hessen
Title: Predation in Vertebrate Communities: The Bialowieza Primeval Forest as a Case Study / Edition 1, Author: Bogumila Jedrzejewska
Title: Responses of Northern U.S. Forests to Environmental Change / Edition 1, Author: Robert A. Mickler
Title: Biological Soil Crusts: Structure, Function, and Management / Edition 1, Author: Jayne Belnap
Title: UV Radiation and Arctic Ecosystems, Author: D.O. Hessen
Title: Conserving Biodiversity in East African Forests: A Study of the Eastern Arc Mountains / Edition 1, Author: W.D. Newmark
Title: Urban Air Pollution and Forests: Resources at Risk in the Mexico City Air Basin, Author: Mark E. Fenn
Title: Big-Leaf Mahogany: Genetics, Ecology, and Management / Edition 1, Author: Ariel E. Lugo
Title: Herbivory of Leaf-Cutting Ants: A Case Study on Atta colombica in the Tropical Rainforest of Panama / Edition 1, Author: Rainer Wirth
Title: Insects and Ecosystem Function / Edition 1, Author: W.W. Weisser
Title: Forest Diversity and Function: Temperate and Boreal Systems / Edition 1, Author: Michael Scherer-Lorenzen
Title: Nutrient Acquisition by Plants: An Ecological Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Hormoz BassiriRad
Title: Human Ecology: Biocultural Adaptations in Human Communities / Edition 1, Author: Holger Schutkowski

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