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Title: Vegetation and Production Ecology of an Alaskan Arctic Tundra, Author: Larry L. Tieszen
Title: The Ecology of Large Herbivores in South and Southeast Asia, Author: Farshid Ahrestani
Title: Biogeography of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis, Author: Leho Tedersoo
Title: Palms in Forest Ecosystems of Amazonia, Author: Francis Kahn
Title: Ecology and Evolution of the Freshwater Mussels Unionoida, Author: G. Bauer
Title: Functioning and Management of European Beech Ecosystems / Edition 1, Author: Rainer Brumme
Title: Acidic Deposition and Forest Soils: Context and Case Studies of the Southeastern United States, Author: Dan Binkley
Title: Physiological Processes in Plant Ecology: Toward a Synthesis with Atriplex / Edition 1, Author: C.B. Osmond
Title: Stable Isotopes in Ecological Research, Author: P.W. Rundel
Title: The Effects of SO2 on a Grassland: A Case Study in the Northern Great Plains of the United States, Author: William Lauenroth
Title: Global Change and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems, Author: Walter C. Oechel
Title: Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems: The Role of Nutrients, Author: F.J. Kruger
Title: Forest Decline and Air Pollution: A Study of Spruce (Picea abies) on Acid Soils, Author: Ernst-Detlef Schulze
Title: Acid Deposition and the Acidification of Soils and Waters / Edition 1, Author: J.O. Reuss
Title: Interactions Between Biosphere, Atmosphere and Human Land Use in the Amazon Basin, Author: Laszlo Nagy
Title: Grassland Simulation Model, Author: G. S. Innis
Title: High-Latitude Rainforests and Associated Ecosystems of the West Coast of the Americas: Climate, Hydrology, Ecology, and Conservation, Author: Richard G. Lawford
Title: Plant Biology of the Basin and Range, Author: C.Barry Osmond
Title: Ecology of Tropical Savannas, Author: B. J. Huntley
Title: The Role of Fire in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems, Author: Jose M. Moreno

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