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Title: Black Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa's Historic Greenwood District, Author: Hannibal Johnson
Title: Cherokee Bill: Black CowboyIndian Outlaw, Author: Art T. Burton
Title: They Call Me Old Blue: Or How I Helped Charles Goodnight Invent the Chuck Wagon, Author: Preston Lewis
Title: Billy and Olive Dixon, Author: Bill O'Neal
Title: Spitfire Diary: The Boy of the One-Two-Seven, Author: E.A.W. Smith
Title: A Paradise Called Texas, Author: Janice Shefelman
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Title: Fight To The Finish, Author: Ron. J. Jackson
Title: Airspeed, Altitude, and a Sense of Humor: The Adventures of a Jet Tanker Pilot, Author: Ronnie Ridley George
Title: Secret Ledger of an Early Texas Doctor: Dr. William Joseph Calhoun Lawrence, Author: Egon Richard Tausch
Title: Black Holocaust: The Paris Horror and a Legacy of Texas Terror, Author: E. R. Bills
Title: Ambush: The Real Story of Bonnie and Clyde, Author: Ted Hinton
Title: The Bloody Legacy of Pink Higgins: A Half Century of Violence in Texas, Author: Billy O'Neal
Title: The History of Surgery in Houston: Fifty-Year Anniversary of the Houston Surgical Society, Author: Kenneth L. Mattox
Title: Of Mice and Mountain Lions: The Adventures of a Wildlife Biologist, Author: Ronnie Ridley George
Title: Investing: Starting From Scratch, Author: Janet Holt
Title: Blind Lemon Jefferson: His Life, His Death, and His Legacy, Author: Robert L. Uzzel
Title: Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, Author: E. R. Bills
Title: Willow Creek Home, Author: Janice Shefelman
Title: John Chisum: Frontier Cattle King, Author: Bill O'Neal
Title: The First One Hundred Years: Ben E. Keith 1906-2006, Author: Liz Oliphant

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