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Title: Your Security Guide, Author: John Malaspina Sr
Title: The Fifth Round Is a Tracer - A Machine Gunner's Story of Vietnam, Author: Thomas F. Ayers
Title: Roulette: The Odds On Favorite Strategy, Author: R. S. Garland
Title: Trap Business - Under The Circumstances, Author: Sean Gadson
Title: Ghost Stories and Urban Legends of New England: A must-have guide for amateur ghost Hunters, Author: Debra Cano
Title: Beryl's Cove and the Elvis Man, Author: Janet McCanless
Title: My Story, Vietnam 1968, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Author: Gary L Lyles
Title: You Likie The Sauce, Author: William William Steele
Title: A Short History of Black Atlanta, 1847-1993, Author: Jr. Alton Hornsby
Title: The Pool Room, Author: Sid Ragland
Title: Trigga, Author: Team Rollock
Title: Navy Fun: When Ronald Reagan Was in Charge, and Being in the Navy Was a Blast, Author: Vince Stead
Title: Diversity Uncrowned, First and Thirty-Four: The Linda Aldridge-Robertson Story, Author: Shandra Love
Title: Whats the Difference Between Bankers and Counterfeiters, Author: William F Hixson
Title: A Matter of Interest: Reexamining Money, Debt, and Real Economic Growth, Author: William F Hixson
Title: Robots: How Human Are We?, Author: Verdree B Stanley
Title: Yea, Though I Walk - A Collection of Inspirational Short Stories, Author: Sylvia Huffnagle
Title: Hot Summer Nights, Author: Michael R. Johnson
Title: The Fugitive Lawyer, Author: Cal Campbell
Title: The Nile Queen, Author: William T. Moore

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