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Title: Little Women, Author: Louisa May Alcott
Title: Oz (Oz Series), Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: The Tell-Tale Heart, Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Title: What You Will, Author: James Zager
Title: Sounds of Silents: The Essanay Years, Author: Paul Pedito
Title: Waiting for MacArthur, Author: P. Paullette MacDougal
Title: Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage and Other Plays, Author: Greg Gamble
Title: A Rose for Emily, Author: Joseph Robinette
Title: Uncool, Author: Vin Morreale,Jr.
Title: Playwriting: A Manual for Beginners, Author: Debra A. Peterson
Title: Charles Dickens' Great Expectations: A Dramatization, Author: Robert Johanson
Title: Audition Scenes for Students, Author: John Wray Wray Young
Title: Hopes and Words and Ordinary Things, Author: Ronald Burke
Title: Outcasts of Poker Flat, Author: Bret Harte
Title: Nicholas Nickleby, 1-Act, Author: Tim Kelly
Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Author: Lewis Carroll
Title: Boys' Play, Author: Jack Heifner
Title: Light in the Mill, Author: D. K. Oklahoma
Title: Gift of the Magi: A Christmas Musical, Author: Seymour Reiter
Title: Rowing to America: The Immigrant Project, Author: Guillermo Reyes
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