Title: Shake, Rattle and Rot: The Zombie Musical, Author: Leslie J. Caulfield
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Title: Dorothy Meets Alice or the Wizard of Wonderland, Author: Joseph Robinette
Title: Charles Dickens' Great Expectations: A Dramatization, Author: Robert Johanson
Title: Atalanta, Author: Thomas J. Hatton
Title: Boid and Oscar, Author: Elizabeth Wong
Title: What You Will, Author: James Zager
Title: Gift of the Magi: A Christmas Musical, Author: Seymour Reiter
Title: Nothing but the Truth, Author: Ronn Smith
Title: Waiting for MacArthur, Author: P. Paullette MacDougal
Title: Limbo, Author: John O'Brien
Title: Cinderella Confidential, Author: Eric Coble
Title: Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp!, Author: Geraldine Ann Snyder
Title: Deadly Weapons, Author: Laurie Brooks
Title: The Moonstone, Author: Wilkie Collins
Title: Blackbirds and Dragons, Mermaids and Mice, Author: Sandra Fenichel Asher
Title: Where the Lilies Bloom, Author: Vera Cleaver
Title: Ciao, Baby!, Author: Kent R. Brown
Title: Oz (Oz Series), Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: 25 in 10, Author: Kent R. Brown
Title: Big Tush, Little Tush: Musical, Author: Jeff Lantos

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