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Title: Comfort and Joy, Author: Jack Heifner
Title: Bud, Not Buddy, Author: Reginald André Jackson
Title: O Christmas Three!, Author: Doug Larche
Title: Sarcophagus, Author: Vladimir Gubaryev
Title: Coupla Bimbos Sittin' around Talkin', Author: Richard Vetere
Title: Rough Night at the North Pole, Author: Craig Alpaugh
Title: Wonderful Western Hat, Author: Ev Miller
Title: The Bluest Eye (a play), Author: Lydia Diamond
Title: Pink Panther Strikes Again!, Author: William Gleason
Title: Happy Daze, Author: William Gleason
Title: You Can't Get There from Here, Author: Pat Cook
Title: Androcles and the Lion, Author: James Engelhardt
Title: Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe, Author: Stephen Gregg
Title: Plays in Ten, Author: David S. Raine
Title: The Last Leaf, Author: William Glennon
Title: Little Princess, Author: June W. Rogers
Title: Circles of Grace, Author: Paul Nicholas Mason
Title: Luther, Author: John Osborne
Title: Country Christmas Carol - Musical, Author: Ron Kaehler
Title: You Can't Trust the Male, Author: Randy Noojin

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